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What is Emotion Code?

Trapped emotions are often created when events from our lives trigger strong emotions that our bodies to hold onto  rather than processing safely. These negative emotions can linger and are often the root of severe issues such as poor mental health, acute bodily pain, disease, and even creative blocks that keep us from achieving goals or experiencing healthy relationships. Releasing these emotional energetic signatures is often the first step in balancing the body and mind, finding healing, and moving forward in life.

Emotion Code is a biological/energetic healing that utilizes kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to locate and release these trapped energies or emotions. During a session we will discuss the specific issues you would like to address (mental/emotional distress, physical discomfort, barriers to goals, etc), then identify and release the emotions associated with the issues. During video calls, I will utilize muscle testing on your behalf to locate and release the emotions. During our sessions you may choose to share as much or as little as you like about the emotions we find and their instigating circumstances.

Emotion code does not have to be done in person! If you just need a quick emotional release, but don't have the time to sit in a session, please try booking a Proxy Short Session, where I can do the work on your behalf while you go about your normal day.

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What is Health Coaching?

These days it seems like "getting healthy" is all the rage. But have you ever felt like the biggest questions is, "HOW?!"

My approach is to take the guesswork out of healthy living by setting small attainable goals, utilizing supplements to fill gaps, and changing your mindset about what "healthy" looks like for you. Our primary focuses will include:

Gut Health and Body Balancing

Utilizing Supplements/Herbs

Eating for Nutrition
Basic but Profound Habits for Life
Changing Your Perspective

By focusing on energy levels, mood, sleep, immunity, and basic body functions, our goal is to get you FEELING amazing so that being active and healthy are things that are FUN rather than things you dread.

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What is a Life Mentor?

Think of me as your Yoda, your Mary Poppins, and your Mr. Miyagi all rolled into one. I'm the fresh perspective on your problems, the new ideas and tips that help you overcome blocks, the little voice in your head that says, "Actually, you CAN!"

Mentoring isn't quite counseling, and it's not quite coaching. It's an approach that still utilizes many of the same techniques, but without the price tag. Mentoring allows me to draw from my own life experiences and those of others in ways I might not be able to do for you in a traditional counseling or coaching session. Mentoring means we can work hard and hit goals, gently heal trauma, or anything in between. 

During our mentoring sessions, it's my job to help bring to light every angle of the issue until a solution presents it's self to you. Where applicable, we'll talk about mindset, set tasks and goals, and discuss various techniques that may be helpful to you. I'll offer books, tools, and procedures so that you come away with a "toolkit" that enables you to begin creating your own momentum.  

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